Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ripping CDs with Windows Media Player 11

I am sure you will find this information on hundreds of sites on the net. A friend I met in a store asked me and I thought why don't I just write it here instead of sending him an email.

Its pretty simple really.

Just make sure you install Windows Media Player 11. If you are on Windows Vista, you already have it. if you are on XP, you can download it from Microsoft.

Once you have it, make sure you select the correct destination folder and format. See the picture below. You can get to these options via Tools->Options menu.

To get to the Tools menu, right click on the Title Bar.

Once have that, just go to the RIP tab on the Windows Media Player main window. If you have the CD inserted, ripping should start automatically.

Well, during this screen shot, I did not have an audio CD handy, but if you insert one, the ripping should start immediately and the resulting audio files should go in to the folder you chose in options.

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